Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thursday Thoughts!

  • I cannot wait for the Olympics! For some reason I wind up aimlessly watching every mundane competition day in & day out...I find it entertaining/it makes me feel patriotic. USA! USA!
  • Favorite Sochi tweet thus far?
  • I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond last night, and let me tell you, the Beyond is the best part of that store. I picked up sealed mason jar travel cups, Starbucks k-cups, kitten (Lenox) shaped salt & pepper shakers, and zebra print slippers. True necessities!
  • I wound up ordering the new Oreo varieties from Amazon the other night. No joke. Shout-out to Jen on this one - saw you wrote about this on your Thursday Thoughts :-)
  • Stalking the MUT Popsugar Must Have Forum - Spoilers should be available today! Do not read the forum if you are staying spoiler free this month! I, for one, do not have the will power to stay spoiler free.
  • I re-subbed to I-Ella's The List today! Thought it would be the perfect way to treat myself this month. 
  • The other day I was super worried when my cat, Chairman Meow, was running around the house. I noticed that his belly hung down & flapped back and forth as he ran (sorry for the TMI!). I started freaking out - is it worms? is he dying? I tend to get all, "worst-case-scenario", crazy when it comes to my furbabies. Turns out this hanging belly is NORMAL! Whhhaaaaattt? It's called the primordial pouch. I swear, this is an actual thing, and is passed down from cats regal ancestors. The more you know...
  • Oh, also thought Chairman was dead the other day. I went upstairs & saw him sprawled out on the carpet. I spooked him to make sure he woke up. Turns out he is a ridiculously smart cat. Heat rises, so the upstairs carpet's fluffiness absorbs the heat & warms Chairs up while he rests. I'm about to take a nap on the upstairs carpet.


  1. Haha, your cat's name is awesome! And that was my favorite Sochi tweet too - Russia has its priorities straight for sure.

    1. Thank you :-) He's a Russian Blue so I always refer to him as my little communist cat.

      And seriously...I cannot get over how Russia was not prepared - at all - for the Olympics...I mean, I'm not surprised, but I still can't get over it.